TJAB has established a complete pharmaceutical R&D chain by assembling its R&D platforms with combination of different resources in Tianjin and many talents. This pharmaceutical chain is mainly for R&D and novel drug creation in four fields: cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, cancers and infectious diseases. 

Four research directions

Cancer: TJAB research teams try to find a new lead compound to inhibit cancer metastasis, discover the new use of current medicine. TJAB research teams have filed IND application and intensively work on the late stage developments of these investigational agents.

Metabolic diseases: TJAB teams discovered a new formulation of insulin. A series of small molecule compounds and natural products were developed through the target screening, which was used to treat metabolic diseases such as type II diabetes.

Infectious diseases: TJAB team’s studies focus on developing medicines on the hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD), HIV, Viral hepatitis, Flu, EBHF, Corona virus, Bunya virus hemorrhagic fever and TB. We have made a breakthrough on discovery of drug candidates for HFMD by using structure-based drug design.

Cardiovascular disease:TJAB team sets up the multiple techniques and approaches to re-develop the Chinese Medical Blockbusters in order to increase their performance in cardiovascular disease.

Until the end of 2015, 59 new drugs candidates, including 23 Class 1.0 new drugs, have been discovered and developed, of which 6 NDAs and 19 INDs were received, and the applications of 1 NDAs and 6 INDs were filed.