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Zhang Yong visited TJAB and chaired a seminar

Reference: tjab Time:2016-08-02 09:38

On 26, July, Zhang Yong, vice secretary of commission and district mayor of Binhai New Area, headed a delegation to Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine (TJAB) doing investigation and survey. The delegation looked over the independent innovation achievements of TJAB. Mr. Zhang hosted Innovation Driven Development Forum, listening to the case reports and opinions and advice of the principals of the major scientific research institutions and universities have on further implementation of innovation driven development strategy, coordinating and solving related problems and putting forward requirement for future work. The delegation was accompanied by several responsible comrades of the Binhai New Area, Rao Zihe, president of TJAB, Huang Yalou, secretary of the party committee of TJAB, and Xia Qiuyu, vice-president of TJAB, and so on.


Rao Zihe is introducing the general situation of TJAB to Zhang Yong.

In the exhibition hall of the first floor in TJAB, Mr. Rao introduced the construction and development situation, independent innovation achievements and the latest incubation results of TJAB to the delegation in detail. Principals of all the research and development platforms and major garrison companies presented their products and answered Mr. Zhang’s questions about new drug research and development cycle, medical device industrialization.

In TjAb Makerspace, the first makerspace of Tianjin, Zhang Yong held cordial talks with the returned overseas talents about their entrepreneurship motivations and problems.

Later on, the delegation visited Drug Analysis & Testing Platform, one of the six core technology platforms of TJAB, and learned about its innovation operation mechanism and achieved service results.

 The researcher in charge is introducing the latest incubation results to the delegation.

 Zhang Yong communicates with the talents in TjAb Makerspace.

After the investigation and survey, Mr. Zhang hosted an innovation driven development forum. Xia Qiuyu in represent of TJAB addressed a speech, introducing the general situation and the achievements of TJAB and putting forward some advice about the further implementation of innovation driven development strategy of Binhai New Area. Then, the district mayor, Mr. Zhang, spoke highly of the achievements of TJAB had reached and contributions of all the scientific institutions and scientific companies had made. Zhang said that as the joint efforts of the “Four Departments and One City”, TJAB had played an active role in the development and opening up of Binhai New Area. Based on the new strategic industry of biological medicine, TJAB implements innovation driven development strategy, makes great achievements and realizes the transformation of some effective projects, thus making remarkable contribution to the development of biomedicine industry of Tianjin as well as the Bo Hai Coastal Region.

Mr. Zhang emphasized that the realization of the "13th Five-Year" development goals depended on scientific innovation that enabled us to pursue effectiveness, explore potential and maintain motive power. The government would offer full support to innovation and entrepreneurship platforms and major scientific programs, accelerating the transformation of scientific achievements. And the scientific institutes and companies should make full use of various policies, blending in the Binhai New Area industry development and opening up, better serving the synergetic development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and making due contribution to “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road” development. Mr. Zhang raised claims that the relevant departments carefully sort out all the opinions and suggestions put forward in the forum and trying best to put ideas into practice; providing full support to the development of TJAB and working in joint effort to establish TJAB as the highland of independent innovation and industry development.


Zhang Yong is addressing a speech.