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Wan Gang, Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Listens to the Development Report of TjAb 14 July 2016

Reference: tjab Time:2016-07-14 09:37

On 14 July, Wan Gang, vice-chairman of the CPPCC and minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, leaded a delegation to Tianjin to investigate and survey the development of “Little Giant & Big Brand” and the makerspace. The delegation investigated the representative science and technology small giant enterprise of Tianjin and the had a forum. Academician Rao Zihe, president of Municipal Association of Science and president of TJAB, presented the meeting. Huang Yalou, party secretary of TJAB, reported the development situation of TjAb Makerspace in the forum.

TjAb Makerspace is constructed by TJAB, and is the first bio-medicine makerspace in Tianjin. It mainly devotes in raising entrepreneurial teams and start-ups in respect of in vitro diagnosis(IVD), medical equipment, mobile health and health food and so on. The abundant resource of the platforms and experts in TJAB provides opportunity for the makerspace to see a steady improvement of its service ability and development, and to establish a special development mode of itself. TjAb has been identified as a municipal as well as a national makerspace.

Mr. Huang’s report showed the achievements made in the last year by TjAb Makerspace, and listed four characters of the very makerspace. Firstly, the establishment of the One-Stop Incubation Service System. TjAb provides “One-Stop Service” to the entrepreneurial teams and companies, including research testing, inspection and detection, policy application, project application guidance, business registration, legal and financial support, media information and so on. Secondly, the innovation of “Enterprise Tutor + Investor” mode. The employment of the successful entrepreneur and experts from TJAB makes the instructions much more accurate and specific and thus greatly improving the success rate of the incubation. Thirdly, the construction of online and offline service platform. TjAb carefully builds online service platform and opens WeChat Official Accounts. Therefore, the teams and companies could order resources of the platform, inquiry service content and progress status and communicate with the tutors at any time online. Last but not least, the important role it plays in accelerating the cooperation of international innovation and entrepreneurship. TjAb Makerspace sets up Binhai New Area Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Offshore Base, which is the first platform for overseas talents to start offshore careers in China. Besides, TjAb is now cooperating with Hanker International Company and plans to set Binhai New Area International Innovation Post in America, Canada and other places. With the full support from Ministry of Science and Technology, TjAb Makerspace has developed strategic partnership relationship with Hong Kong Science Park, and working jointly to promote the cooperation of makerspaces of youth innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and the mainland.

According to Mr. Huang, TjAb Makerspace will try harder to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. It will further improve its service ability and provide entrepreneurs with more advanced and more specific value-added services, and help to realize the integrating innovation and entrepreneurship of Internet, Big Data and Intelligent Technology. And it will further optimize the extending services to promote the growth and development of innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

During his investigation in Tianjin, Mr. Wan spoke highly of the excellent achievements of scientific innovation of Tianjin. He said that under the brand new situation of economy, we should try to realize energy conservation, structural adjustment, and improve the quality and profit of development. Tianjin Municipal and Tianjin Municipal Government have always attached great importance to the work of science and technology and realizing the industrial cluster of “Little Giant & Big Brand”. Professional makerspace sees a bright future of development. TjAb Makerspace should learn from the advanced experience abroad, seize the opportunity of the construction of Free Trade Test Area and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area, and establishing itself as an industrial innovation center and industry cluster district of international influence.