• Rao Zihe

    Professor Rao Zihe is an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and a world well known structure biologist. He was appointed as Academincian of Chinese Academy of Science in 2003, and later aslo as Academincian of The Third World Acade

  • Yan Xiyun

    Xiyun Yan, Ph.D, Prof., CASM Principal Investigator.Vice President Secretary-General, Biophysical Society of China.Humanized antibody for tumor therapy,development of nanozyme mimetics. Education and Appointment 1997- present Professor, Se

  • Zhang Boli

    Zhang Boli, party members, professor, doctoral supervisor, member of Chinese academy of engineering. Ren Tianjin rector of the university of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese academy of sciences, in traditional Chinese medicine. Nation

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