Brief Introduction to Graduate Education Work

In 2009, TJAB carried out combined training of the postgraduate with universities and colleges in Tianjin. In July, 2009, TJAB signed Postgraduate United Training Agreement with Nankai University, and recruited 76 graduates majoring in biochemistry & molecular biology and medicinal chemistry. In 2010 and 2011, TJAB cooperated with Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tianjin University of Science and Technology, and established a new system of “Institutes cooperate with universities to make joint innovative effort. ”

TJAB and the universities and colleges make full use of their respective advantages of resources, conducting united training under corporate instruction. Based on the traditional management system of the universities and the talents and hardware resources, we complement each other's advantages, share resources and realize association between strong enterprises, establishing a joint innovative mode highlighting “common development”, a scientific and rational training mechanism applicable to bio-medicine industry development, and a joint innovative platform of “high starting point, high standard, and with distinctive features”. Through a series of training that apply to the development of bio-medicine industry, students develop diversified angle of view and innovative thought, and turn into innovative talents of high research ability and industrialized practical capacity.

Training Achievements

Combined trained graduates in TJAB have taken part in many key research projects as antineoplastic drugs development project. They participate in the establishment of rapid screening testing technique system, and carry out researches of GPCR targets against tumor proliferation, invasion and metastasis, work on antitumor compounds screening, target confirmation of new drug and activity-level measurement of molecule and cell, and get a range of effective lead compounds. Till the end of 2014, the graduates in TJAB have taken part in the declaration of patent of 101 items and many declarations of clinical test approval.

TJAB Graduate Student Union Introduction 

TJAB Graduate Student Union is a students self discipline organization under the general leadership of Party committees of TJAB, and under the practical leadership of Communist Youth League Committee, on behalf of all the students in TJAB. The union is founded in January, 2011. Based on national laws and regulations, rules and regulations and articles of TJAB, the union work independently. The union is the bond that ties TJAB and students, and is an organization that realizes “self management, self education and self service” of graduates. We carry out works on behalf of all the graduates in TJAB. We actively create a good cultural atmosphere and work wholeheartedly to provide quality learning and living environment for the majority of graduate students. Members of the union will enthusiastically serve all the graduates, get works done, and dutifully play the role of bond between teachers and students. The leading institution of Graduate Student Union is Presidium, leading General Office, Sports Department, Scientific Innovation Department, Propaganda Department and Public Relations Department. The tenure is one to two years.

Outstanding Graduates (Updating real-time news)

TJAB breaks the system barriers and vibrantly introduces talent resources from universities and colleges. Through pluralistic and drifting management model, we make full use of the advantages of the colleges and innovatively practice a personnel training mode that aims at serving the industry. TJAB has conducted joint programs on postgraduate students training with Nankai University, Tianjin University, Tianjin University of TCM, Tianjin University of Science & Technology, and Tianjin Medical University, which has cultivated over 700 students.