• Molecular Drug Discovery Center, MDC

    High-throughput Molecular Drug Discovery Center, MDC was founded in 2010, the Center for research and developmentteam, led by member of staff - long engaged in major disease target protein researchand innovation in Drug development. Center

  • Analytical Testing Platform

    The Testing Center of TJAB is the National Biological and Medicinal Public Service Platform founded by the MOST, MOFCOM, NHFPC, SFDA and the Tianjin Municipal Government, with independent legal entity, independent accounting and entreprene

  • R&D Information Platform

    Biopharmaceutical RD Information Platform combines the interdisciplinary technologies of biomedicine and computation, providing data flow management and information services during the process of drug discovery and development. Since 2014,

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    We have built a chemical components library of traditional Chinese Medicines and a RD platform for extraction, analysis, high throughput screening, compound optimal design, new formulation for traditional Chinese Medicine, pharmaceutical p