Traditional Chinese Medicine

Reference: tjab Time:2016-09-29 16:06

We have built a chemical components library of traditional Chinese Medicines and a R&D platform for extraction, analysis, high throughput screening, compound optimal design, new formulation for traditional Chinese Medicine, pharmaceutical process technology and evidence-based clinical assessment. The platform is equipped with a series of technical instruments: LC-MS, HPLC, Pr-HPLC, fully automatic biochemical analyzer, multifunction formulation research equipment, traditional Chinese Medicine extraction devices, SFC, tablet machine, RT-qPCR, 2D SDS-PAGE, inverted fluorescence microscope, ELIASA, multi-channel data acquisition system, Langendorff isolated heart perfusion system, tissue organ bath system, cat-walk, freezing microtome, bioinformatics software system and server.

New Drug Discovery and Development platform for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Research Platform for Chemical Components of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Modern Chinese Medicine Quality Control Research Platform

New Formulation Research Platform for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbal Prescription Design and Bioinformatics Research Platform

Research Platform of Activity Screening, Evaluation, and Pharmacological Study for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Major Research and Development Areas

Independently research and development of innovative medicine

Re-development and Technical Upgrade for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Blockbusters

Bench to Clinic Translational Research of Innovative Drug