Molecular Drug Discovery Center, MDC

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High-throughput Molecular Drug Discovery Center, MDC was founded in 2010, the Center for research and development team, lead by member of staff - long engaged in major disease target protein research and innovation in Drug development Center since the establishment of the successful completion of the “11th five-year plan”, “twelfth five-year” “major drug discovery” special subject to various tasks, aimed at major infectious diseases, malignant tumors, metabolic diseases treatment and so on. Combined with the national strategic needs, carried out more than 30 Ⅰ class new drug research and  development work, original research in a series of important achievements, of which 1.6 class new medicine “doxycycline hydrochloride” has been approved by clinical success. Center for research and development team with 22 senior title of professional experts, high title 13 people, reading a doctoral candidate in 146 to recognize; Team members included “cheung kong scholars” 1 person, 2 national “pacesetter project” in the new century. Center since its establishment take 21 national and provincial scientific research projects, 116 to apply for patents, license 22.

New drug research and development

Joint research with the aid of “11th five-year plan”, “twelfth five-year” drug discovery support of major projects, and give full play to the member of staff - new system based on the structure of the target protein biology, drug discovery, aimed at major infectious diseases, malignant tumors, metabolic diseases treatment and so on national strategic needs, to develop high throughput drug screening, find new drug targets, and carries on the system of new drug research and development, has carried out more than 30 Ι class new drug development work of the project, the approval documents to apply for new drug clinical trials in item 2, item 1 has been approved. 116 to apply for patents, license 22.

Has launched more than 30 Ι class for the development of new drug projects

A main research direction: anti tumor drug development

Malignant tumor is the current serious impact on human health, one of the major disease threat to human life, the world health organization and governments and health departments shall conquer malignant tumor as a priority. Our scientific research team with the support of “twelfth five-year” science and technology major projects, based on the important GPCR targets screening and tumor and tumor pathological mechanism related compounds, and drug design, screening and evaluation, obtained the breakthrough, found in the traditional clinical antibiotics for anti-infection eliminate magic of tumor stem cells, inhibition of tumor metastasis. On March 4, 2016, our hospital with henan kaifeng pharmaceutical (group) co., LTD. Cooperative development of new drug projects 1.6 “doxycycline hydrochloride” clinical approval, this is our first new drug approval documents for clinical project. Doxycycline hydrochloride compared with anti-tumor drugs already on the market, small side effects, patients medication compliance is good, and the price is low, can greatly reduce the economic burden of patients with tumor.

The main research direction of two: major infectious disease prevention and control

High-risk countries for infectious disease outbreak in China, the infectious disease has become affect people’s lives and health in our country, social stability, economic development and major issues of national security. Our scientific research team in the direction of prevention and control of infectious diseases has made the positive exploration, on one hand, foot and mouth disease, AIDS, viral hepatitis, resistance mycobacterium tuberculosis, viral flu, ebola hemorrhagic fever, viral hemorrhagic fever new hair, recurrence of infectious diseases such as the therapeutic drug development of the system.

The new hand, foot and mouth disease of small molecule inhibitors in the treatment of rats model

Based on the structure of the HIV drug design

Three main research direction: major metabolic disease treatment

With the development of economy and the rapid change of lifestyle, represented by diabetes, obesity, chronic metabolic disease prevalence, has become the hot topic in both at home and abroad and the main threat to the national health service. Our screening has passed the targets for new drug research and development team has developed a series of small molecular compounds and natural products, it is used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

MDCCCL1636 in diabetic rat islet of protection

Four main research direction: biological medicine and product development

Joint institute for research and development platform has the world’s leading protein product development and production equipment, set up perfect protein product technology system and scientific quality management system, focus on recombinant protein, antibody, extraction of protein research and development and production of the product. Products are mainly used in immunology, cell biology, cancer, neurobiology, stem cells, viruses and other related fields of life science research and drug development. The R&D team is dedicated to the global life sciences and biomedicine enterprises provide biotech drugs research and development and technical services.

116 to apply for patents, license 22

Authorization list:

Service capability,

Joint research on the integrated platform for the construction of the new drug research and development results, establish a molecular drug screening and engineering design technology center in tianjin. Engineering center on the basis of the structure auxiliary drug design and structure of the drug screening for the technical characteristics of drug targets screening, drug molecules aided design, analysis, testing and other service functions, positioning for molecular drug screening and design of scientific research and industry areas to provide technical support and guarantee conditions, promote the integration of scientific research findings, maturity and industry levels.

Set up a standardized drug screening repository, and with national compound sample library, become the center of the bohai sea area resources

gene bank, 43000

22000 kinds of traditional compound sample library

Chinese medicine mixture of natural products, such as 23000 kinds of optional sample library

into pharmacy 1100 kinds

fragments drug screening 919 kinds of optional sample library

To carry out a wide variety of custom drug screening system

43 high throughput drug screening model

reliable automatic pipetting station

function rich variety of physical, chemical and biological testing platform

Development of drug source for the industry to provide technical services

high purity target protein

target protein crystallization and structure analysis

compounds biological activity test